Airport Dispatch #4 – A Watering Hole with No Soul

I returned to Wetherspoon’s again – the drink I’d gotten before had left a film over my throat and I needed to wash it away. Just water this time, serious drinking can wait until I return to Spain. It’s a point much pondered, but the monetization of water is one of the strangest features of modern society.

This is a substance which literally keeps me alive, not something to give a rush or even to drink for pleasure, particularly. It’s especially striking to think, here I am, in this canker in the bosom of the western world, buying a glass full of water for £2.20, while huge amounts of people have no access to clean water. There’s a certain vanity to paying for bottled water – but what, other than vanities, can be expected from Wetherspoon’s, a plastic glorified hole in the wall? I’d rant more, but alas, not long until my flight is called, and I need to traverse the ragged Concourse again. Viva Espana!



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