Crimea Crushed Under Boots of Glass – Subjugation on the Black Sea

Again, this multi-headed mellifluous bastard chimera of sham democracy has reared it’s head in the east, now Putin’s tentacles reach and grope not only his own scared population, but those of a foreign land with a bloody history, Crimea. There were many raucous and public celebrations on Sunday night in Simerfopol and no doubt across the rest of the province, but just how many private sobs and beating of breasts took place across the area too, one wonders. Of course those are not good images for the world to see, and not good visages for the Crimean people to show the dark, old new face looming over them, as the motherland takes them in her cold embrace.

Any fool, any fool could see that these results are fraudulent. A turnout of 80% with a result, once over 50% of the votes had been counted, of a 95.5% in favour vote of joining the Russian Federation. A result like this wouldn’t have occurred had God himself came down and asked people to vote for the angels against the demons in the grand political campaign of Armageddon. Of course, a deity wouldn’t have armed men in the streets and warships in harbours.

Pro-Russian separatists are now quoted as saying “Crimea is only the beginning”, daunting words, the sentiment of which has not been heard in many years in Europe. Whom will the dead mother take in her arms next, clutching close with one hand, but readily armed with a sword in the other, to quell any attempt to fly the nest. Crimea’s own deputy prime minister has said that 75% of people in Eastern Ukraine wish to join the Russian Federation, and who is to argue when the main method of argument is null and void?

Numerous reports of threats and fraudulent practices emerge from the Crimea, maggots oozing from a fresh wound struck to the heart of self-determination. The options given to Crimeans and other Ukrainians, who are willing to see through the fog of intrigue shrouding the ballot boxes appears to now be limited to either violent resistance, or sabotage. To those brave souls who will be no doubt willing to try, I wish the best of luck in their endeavour, and fear for them. An option which I’m sure some will be quick to suggest is another Maidan, but anyone with an eye on international affairs knows how Putin and his ilk treat protesters, and the prisons of Russia are cold and cruel and littered with shattered bones and hearts.

The situation is dire. Sanctions may be given, but they will pass like so much else. Crimea is dead, and Putin’s ego lives on, brighter, bolder, and slightly larger, knowing he has taken a small piece of another country as his own. Will the hollow container of Sevastopol and Simerfopol live on as anything beyond another piece of yet another morally bankrupt state?


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